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1 in 9 Americans have trouble seating for extended period of time either due to Hemorrhoids or Tailbone injury. You are not alone.




The adjustable pillow, Apilloz, has been shown to be twice as effective in pain relief and faster healing. With its unique and patented design, you can now adjust Apilloz to your ideal comfort level. This will allow you to maximize comfort during Hemorrhoid flares, relieve pain, heal faster and do what you love…Cycling, Running, driving, golf or any other weekend activity.


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Correct POSTURE & Ease TAILBONE Pain

Tailbone pain (coccydynia) can make everyday tasks uncomfortable at best, and unbearable at worst. The pillow combination of Apilloz is designed such that it can be adjusted to offer the best support and comfort to soothe your pain and discomfort while being seated and improve posture.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear from our users on the power of APILLOZ and join them on the path to a pain free life.

karen C.

Great post partum relief!

"I bought this for my daughter who had an episiotomy for a forceps birth and she found this cushion a crucial part of her recovery. She was able to sit on this while breast feeding and eating dinner at the table. Highly recommend for new mums as it is good quality and arrived quickly."

Trent S.

2 weeks later, holding up, and less sciatica pain

"I have been using the seat pillow for 2 weeks now, and it has done what it advertises. It has reduced pain, held up up well, and maintained it’s shape. Given I am not sitting on it all day, which may impact the wear and tear, it still has provided an increase in support and comfort, and has help reduce my dull sciatica pain when having to sit for extended periods of time."

The Thor Girl

My cat and me fight over this cushion

"Thanks to this cushion, the second i get out of my chair or turn my back my cat jumps in my seat. He looks too cute to kick him out so i may have to buy a separate cushion for him. A+++ best cushion i have ever bought and Cat Approved"

Nikki P.

Relief in the Form of a Pillow

"I have been suffering with internal/external hemorrhoids (in addition to) anal fissure. Anyone who suffers from this is aware of the major discomfort it causes. A colleague suggested I look into a "donut pillow". I began my research & came across this beauty. I have used it from the moment it was received. This is the pillow that remains in my office as that is where I am sitting the most. For some reason, I expected it to be larger but I guess it fits my bottom well enough to serve its purpose.."

Antonia C.

Good for Lower back pain.

"My Dr. had suggested for me to buy a donut pillow. I had got a very painful hemorrhoid, which I never experienced before. I do a lot of different crafts, sewing which I sit a lot due to bad knees & lower back pain. This pillow has really helped me."

Lisa D.

Great value for money

"We got this for my dad as he was getting bed sores and unable to sit in his chair now with this cushion he can sit in living room with us without being in pain"


As with all pillows, there could be an adjustment period. Although most of our customers love their pillow from the very first day, we recommend trying on your pillow for at least a few days to get accustomed to the pillow.
Apilloz offers unparalleled support , pain and pressure relief but is not a medical device. Please consult your doctor if you plan on using the pillow for extended period of time.
At this time, we only ship to the contiguous 48 states. We’re working on shipping to our friends in Alaska and Hawaii very soon. Please stay tuned!
Sorry, we're unable to ship to PO Boxes!