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The adjustable pillow, Apilloz, has been shown to be twice as effective in pain relief and faster healing. With its unique and patented design, you can now adjust Apilloz to your ideal comfort level. This will allow you to maximize comfort during Hemorrhoid flares, relieve pain, heal faster and do what you love…Cycling, Running, driving, golf or any other weekend activity.


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Eating, drinking and staying active are some of the hardest things to do with the pain from the side effects of chemotherapy. Fortunately, you can use the adjustable pain relief pillow Apilloz to relieve any neck, shoulder or back pain from chemotherapy. The contours of the pillow are scientifically designed to support your body while providing hours of relief and comfort, even when used with or without an ice or heat pack.

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About 1 in 10 males will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime. You may not have heard of Apilloz, but it could change your life. This is a pillow that is specifically designed to make the aftermath of prostate cancer treatment easier. The pillow is perfectly balanced to alleviate discomfort associated with the prolonged sitting periods after surgery,
radiation and/or hormonal ablation.

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The journey of recovery from chronic pain is a long and winding road of small victories.

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Hear from our users on the power of APILLOZ and join them on the path to a pain free life.

Chris Collet

Mom said it is wonderful

"Bought the item for my mother as she is in the autumn of her years so like the finer things in life, especially a comfy seat. She said it is wonderful and comfy, and enjoys sitting on it. What more can you say? Except it seems well made and performs as expected."

Lisa F.

Great value for money

"We got this for my dad as he was getting bed sores and unable to sit in his chair now with this cushion he can sit in living room with us without being in pain"

Amanda Bryan

Excellent for neck pain and sleep apnea

"I have a herniated disc in my neck and a tendency to sleep on my side, which flares the injury up. This pillow gives me the proper posture to lay on my back with just enough support for my neck and lower back. It also helped immensely with my sleep apnea keeping me elevated - no snoring or choking in my sleep. I woke up pain free and without a sore throat finally this morning. Great buy!"

Elizabeth A.

It Really Helped Me!

"I was encouraged by the review from the teacher who said she hesitated because of the cost, but that the pillow had really helped her. I work at a computer 5 to 6 hours a day. I have scoliosis and sciatica and lots of back pain. Lately, even walking had become somewhat painful. Since it was returnable, I decide to give the pillow a try and I'm pleased to report great improvement. The pain is significantly better and I am walking far more comfortably now. Not ever ergo device works for everyone. Ergonomics is a really individual proposition. You just have to try and see if it's for you. But I've had good results and found this even more helpful than I expected it to be."

Carol Crawford

This pillow is QUIRKY GENIUS!

"I’ve have severe lower back pain for years & slept with all kinds of lumbar support pillows to little or no avail. This immediately relieved the tailbone & lower back pain & I got sound sleep for first time in years. It’s held true for 3+ weeks now, & I couldn’t be more pleased. Side sleeping is awesome. Please get this back in stock ASAP so I can have one for office & car too & give my friends for Xmas.
It’s reasonable in cost & breathes so ur back doesn’t get hot. PERFECTION!"

Glen Green

Alleviates arthritis hip pain and helps sitting posture.

"I just received this and put it my executive chair. This is very comfortable and it helps put you in a proper seating position so that you are not slouching. It takes the stress point off my sit-bone which helps alleviate the pain from the arthritis in my hip."


As with all pillows, there could be an adjustment period. Although most of our customers love their pillow from the very first day, we recommend trying on your pillow for at least a few days to get accustomed to the pillow.
Apilloz offers unparalleled support , pain and pressure relief but is not a medical device. Please consult your doctor if you plan on using the pillow for extended period of time.
At this time, we only ship to the contiguous 48 states. We’re working on shipping to our friends in Alaska and Hawaii very soon. Please stay tuned!
Sorry, we're unable to ship to PO Boxes!