Fast relief from the pain and tension in neck muscles brought on by poor posture while sitting at your desk, driving, reading in bed, or playing video games.



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Stop complaining about pain. Just 10 minutes a day will give you the relief you need to get back to living life to the fullest. Our adjustable support, pain and pressure relief pillow supports the cervical spine, fully relaxes the adjacent muscles and rejuvenates your body.


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Sleeping better will help your whole body and mind relax and recharge. This means that you’ll get the results you want from Apilloz in a fraction of the time, helping you feel phenomenal without even having to change your routine!

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear from our users on the power of APILLOZ and join them on the path to a pain free life.


Buy it, seriously.

"Ok so this is a weird looking pillow and I didn't know what to expect. There are lots of ways to "use" it and you have to turn it a couple times to find out what works for you. Its firm and I wasn't expecting that but that's exactly what makes it great, the different bumps are designed to support not just cradle your neck and head."

Jona C.

I cannot believe what a difference this pillow made!

"I have been struggling with neck pain for a few weeks, and I got desperate enough to search online for pillows that might help. This one had few reviews, and despite being really skeptical that it would make a difference, I bought it. When it arrived at my house, I was even more skeptical because it looked so thin and flat. I've now slept on it for two nights and my neck pain is gone. Thanks for a great product!."

Joshua Chavana

If regular pillows hurt your neck try this

"I'm used to the really fluffy and round pillows that are indeed soft but this pillow looks a lot better and it fits my head perfectly because of the shape of the foam. It naturally contours to the curves of my neck and head and combined with the softness of the memory foam I found it to provide me with a very good night's rest every night of the week.."

Katz Taylor

Comfortable and supportive

"I have a "pillow graveyard" in my house were many pillows that didn't work for me are laid to rest. I have scoliosis and my back protrudes, kind of like a hunchback, only not so drastic. This pillow cradles my neck and fits perfectly into that curvature."

Fernando Argüello

My neck feels much better!

"I love this pillow! I have a 56-year-old neck that was causing me quite a bit of pain. I’ve seen doctors, been to PT, taken krill pills, but I still had pain. Got this pillow and feel much better. I’m a back/neck sleeper, and this baby cradles my head just right. It is soft enough so I don’t wake up with a sore ear, but firm enough to provide support. I’d give it 10 stars if I could."

George N.


"Love this pillow. I have neck issues and have started collecting all these different shapes pillows because they are so comfy. This pillow does not disappoint. Very comfortable to sleep on!"


As with all pillows, there could be an adjustment period. Although most of our customers love their pillow from the very first day, we recommend trying on your pillow for at least a few days to get accustomed to the pillow.
Apilloz offers unparalleled support , pain and pressure relief but is not a medical device. Please consult your doctor if you plan on using the pillow for extended period of time.
At this time, we only ship to the contiguous 48 states. We’re working on shipping to our friends in Alaska and Hawaii very soon. Please stay tuned!
Sorry, we're unable to ship to PO Boxes!