All of our team members are like one big family. Our team consists of me and a group of stay at home moms and grandmas who believe in the product and have a passion for stitching. I am lucky to be leading of such an exceptional group of women with different backgrounds, personalities, and interests.


Help provide individuals with an option to satisfy their life's biggest needs - namely happiness and comfort, without the need for dependency on drugs or prescription medication.


My name's Aaron, and I'm here to tell you all about a product idea
that's gone from idea to execution in 12 months. The product, called Apilloz - has evolved into something more than expected, and addresses a need that wasn't
even considered at the start of the venture.

Pain relief pillows have been around for years, but all of them
are just rebranded and packaged old concepts. What I wanted to do was to create something that stands out. In addition to being a pain relief pillow, I also wanted my invention to be ergonomically sound and safe.

As a serial entrepreneur, I came up with the idea of Apilloz, a support, pain and pressure relief pillow, to help Uber drivers to address their neck and back pain caused due to stress or cervical spondylosis and in many cases hemorrhoids caused due to strain from driving long hours in congested traffic. The product was a hit with the local Uber drivers. Soon I also found other uses for my amazing futuristic pain relief pillow - Apilloz - pregnant women and aging baby boomers - A demographic that would benefit tremendously from my invention that can help alleviate pain and improve quality of life without the need for taking medications.


Has Apilloz helped improve the quality of your life or family?
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